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Using Artificial Intelligence to improve your athletes’ performance, in any sport - Coaching, beyond the sport; to connect mind, body, and soul.

PCP is a “one-stop-shop” for all Life Transformations, from the playing field to the Boardroom. Coaching, beyond the sport, connecting Body, Mind and Soul, our vision is to Improve your life in all areas. We use sport as the vehicle to teach life, catering to kids of all ages and adults too. If you or someone you love, need the motivation to live life to its fullest, contact PCP for a free consultation. Click Here
Yes. Everyone needs a Coach. A good coach can change a game, but a great coach can change a life. It’s not about how good you are now, it’s about how good you can be. What are your limiting beliefs that are stopping you from improving? Contact PCP for a free consultation Click Here
It is never too early to introduce sport in a fun and playful manner; so much can be learned through ‘play’; balance, coordination, cooperation and more; I have a young athlete playing basketball at just four years old. And it is never too late to begin an activity, we have seen Japan’s 105-year-old Hidekichi Miyazaki, sprinting across the finish line. So, contact PCP and get started, today. Click Here
Yes. Although many believe that genetics play an important role in that of a sprinter, with proper biomechanics training, sprinting training, along with other techniques and also diet or weight management, every athlete at Performance Coach Plus will improve speed over time. It is not our aim to create world-class sprinters but to help improve in their current sport by increasing their overall speed and fitness.
Sport is very important in the development of a healthy body and healthy mind, as well as life-long healthy habits. If your child has quit a sport that he/she loves, you will need to find the ‘true reasons’ why. If s/he no longer enjoys the sport being played, then you should find an alternative sport/activity for them to engage in; I have more than 30 years experience coaching many individual and team sports and can help find the right sport for your athlete; contact Performance Coach Plus for a free consultation Click Here
At PCP, they will never ‘over-train’; as they work to develop their muscular strength, flexibility and speed, every athlete will learn and understand the proper ways and the importance of stretching, warm-ups, cool-downs and taking care of their body, thus preventing injuries as they grow.
While the number of hours dedicated to your sport is important, what is even more important for an athlete’s success, is the right type of training. Mindset is also vital – an athlete’s mental preparedness is more important than their physical traits. As an NLP practitioner and sports coach, I work with the psyche of the athlete, using meditation, visualization and other techniques, along with the physical conditioning; Coaching, beyond the sport, connecting mind, body and soul in that of the athlete. Click Here
As previously mentioned, your psyche is more important than your physical ability; many professional athletes prepare their mind, well before they even step onto the ‘playing field.’ AI uses algorithms and intelligence used by machines to equip your athlete with his/her mental strength, weaknesses, coachability, advice, game preparedness etc. Having access to these important results will definitely aid in improving your athlete’s psyche which in turn will improve performance. Get a head start on your opponent, contact Performance Coach Plus, and have your athlete(s) register for the AI test in his/her sport. Click Here
Yes. At Performance Coach Plus, you will schedule a post-consultation, usually lasting approximately one hour, to discuss all aspects of the AI test taken by your athlete. The results of the AI test are extensive, a 20-page in-depth analysis of graphs, charts, strengths, weaknesses etc. of the athletes’ results.
Yes. Please download the mobile app and you will be able to reach me through the ‘live chat’ option, email or mobile phone number, even when you are on the move.
I work with youth and adults, male and female, individuals and teams. You can register as an individual but will be joined with other individuals during the physical training sessions.
It is essential that we remain safe during these times of the Pandemic as we try to create a sense of normalcy moving forward. Please keep in mind that we will continue to practice social distancing during our F2F training sessions. I will also continue to do live Zoom training sessions for those who are in remote areas and those who prefer to train in the comfort and safety of their own homes. Speed and strengthening exercises can be adapted and done indoors in places such as your living room.
Currently I am training at Hudayriyat Leisure and Entertainment District, on the rubberized track surface; however, I also train athletic teams at their Club, for convenience.
Yes. I speak on various topics, at schools, for students and teachers, for Coaches in the community, and for the parents of athletes. As a Life Coach, Sports Coach and Sports agent and school Deputy Principal, I work with young and old alike; You can sign up for a free 30-minute consultation at Performance Coach Plus to discuss your topic and your audience. Click Here


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