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Mr Antwi Testimonial

Michael Sr. USA

My son, Michael, loves sports. He played Rugby but he was not very engaged. I noticed Donovan working with some young athletes and I was impressed. The thing is, my son has Tourette syndrome and with it comes its challenges. Within days of being under Donovan’s care, my wife and I noticed some positive changes in our son. He became more engaged and focused – not just in football but in school as well. Michael was more positive and had more of a “can do” attitude. As parents we were a little apprehensive but not Michael; he was prepared and able to manage more risks in his life. Michael did not let his tics define who he was; in fact, he started to have more friends at school and in the neighborhood. Donovan gave Michael the necessary tools to achieve success and enabled him to better manage stress. Donovan is a great Coach and Mentor. Michael, who is now ten, enjoys playing golf – we know golf takes a lot of concentration, so let’s see how it goes.  

Martina. Toronto, Canada

Dear Mr. Patterson,

I wish I knew what to say to tell you how much I appreciate everything you’ve ever done for me. You believed in me from the start and because you did, I believed in myself. You always had a way of pushing me further than I thought I could ever push myself, and because of this, I accomplished many things throughout high school, especially on the track. My 4x4 relay team used to run over 5 minutes and because you killed us with all those 800s, we ran a Personal Best of 4:22!! There were so many times that I wanted to give up but didn’t because I didn’t want to let you down and my team as well. Even when we lost, badly, you would always encourage us and tell us that we would have to work harder, and it finally paid off. We could not have done it without your support. Not only were you an amazing coach, but you were always there to listen to my boy problems, and you always managed to find things out without anyone telling you. You are a huge role model for me and you always have been since grade 9. You will always be the one coach that stands out from the rest.  

Josh. Brampton, Ontaro

Hi Mr. Patterson,

long time no talk. I hope you're doing well; Just wanted to say thanks a lot for everything in high school, that I was able to make it this far in life. Even after leaving Career Path, I can't believe that was over 10 years ago. Seeing this inspiration post on Linkedin, I just can't thank you enough that I was able to pursue my dream job! Regardless if a person has a disability or not; anything is possible. I was told in elementary school and high school that I wouldn’t make it that far in life because of my academic skills. But I never gave up because of people like you, who supported me. Look where I am now. I'm passionate and love what I am doing. I want to thank my family, peers, teachers, and professors who guided me to where I am today and never gave up on me. #thankyou #inspiration #anythingispossibl